Laundry & Craft Room

Laundry & Craft Room

A laundry room remodel in Loveland, Ohio.

Project Details

Location: Loveland, OH

Neal’s Team:
Project Consultant: Neal R. Hendy
Lead Designer: Connie Hampton
Project Manager: Rod Swearingen

About This Project:
The homeowner was looking for a solution for a collection of working spaces on their first floor. Altogether, the two rooms and the closet hallway compromised a good amount of space, but in their existing usage the space was dramatically under performing. This project was initiated to create a better plan to use the space more effectively, and to pull it into line with the higher-end style of the rest of the first floor. The project involves four distinct areas: laundry, craft, office, and hall spaces.

Local Contractor of the Year 2017 Winner, Residential Interior

Project Spotlight:
A Multi-Functional Laundry Room & Home Office Remodel

Project Photos

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