Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue

This article appears in the September 2010 issue of Housetrends – Cincinnati

Time was no object for the owners of this award-winning kitchen

By Danielle Krouse

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Tim McIntyre is most likely the life of any party he attends. He has a smile on his face, a story waiting and his personality is larger than life. So when you walk into his home and find the kitchen, it’s not really a surprise that everything is big—from the handcrafted farmhouse sink to the massive center island, better referred to by some as “the continent.” The kitchen was a labor of love for everyone involved, even if the process took nearly 18 months to complete. Slow and steady proved to pay off with this renovation, as the kitchen took home second place in the Southern Ohio/Kentucky chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) 2009 Kitchen Design Competition.

Decisions decisions

After spending some time in Europe for work, Tim and his family moved back to Cincinnati and bought their current home in 2006 with every intention of starting a large remodeling process. Tim had Neal’s Design Remodel visit the house for ideas before the ink was even dry on the buyer’s contract. Neal’s designer, Connie Hampton, CKD, was brought in to work on the project. She was a familiar face to Tim and his wife Anne, as she worked on their previous home in Cincinnati, and already had a great working relationship with the couple.

The kitchen ended up being last in the remodeling process, which gave Tim plenty of time to research what he wanted. “We visited a lot of stores, showrooms and granite suppliers, and looked all over the Internet for everything,” Tim says. “Because we had so much extra space throughout the rest of the house, we weren’t really in any hurry and that was a real luxury.”

While walls were taken out and the main kitchen was gutted, a secondary kitchen was added downstairs as part of the basement remodel, which allowed the family a space to cook. The couple even hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for all the contractors while the kitchen was in transition. Anne cooked a turkey with all the fixings in the downstairs kitchen and the whole meal was brought up to the main space and set on two by fours and sawhorses.

Time for a plan

Eventually Tim and Hampton buckled down and started coming up with some concrete ideas for the kitchen. “We knew that we had a large enough space and a high enough space to do some great things,” Hampton says. “It really came down to balance.” An impressive 90 inches of refrigeration and freezer units cover one side of the kitchen, while double ovens, a warming drawer and an Advantium microwave balance out the opposite side.

Cherry wood cabinetry in a Kensington style was used throughout the space and finished in a Matte Tuscan Sun color. With both sides of the kitchen now complementing each other, it was time to focus on the open space in the center of the room.

While discussing a multi-level island, Tim decided on including a 48-inch range top and a side sink on the lower portion. The upper portion of the island is great for seating, prepping or creating a buffet. Tim found the massive copper hood while searching the Internet and it has really become the crown jewel in the room. More granite countertops can be found along the back wall of the kitchen, as well as an extra large farmhouse sink, which really brings the details of the room together.

Today, the kitchen is an essential part of the family’s time together. Tim and Anne’s daughter, Brandy, loves to bake and the whole family is involved in getting meals ready. “If we have a holiday meal or a get-together, everyone—even our guests—get into the kitchen,” Tim says. “There’s definitely plenty of space now for everyone to have ample room to work and get involved.”


Contractor: Neal’s Design Remodel; Designer: Connie M. Hampton, CKD; Cabinetry: Wood-Mode in Kensington style in cherry wood with Matte Tuscan Sun finish; Flooring: Shaw Hardwood; Countertops and backsplash: Legacy Stoneworks; Sinks: Handcrafted Metals Inc., Austin, Texas; Faucets: Waterstone from Keidel; Cooktop, refrigerator, oven: Thermador from Keidel; Lighting: Corsmier; Windows: Pella; Lighting controls: Sound Advice; Table, chairs and barstools: Canadel, Canada