Universal Living Renovation

Universal Living Renovation

A universal living renovation in Montgomery, OH.

Project Details

Location: Montgomery, OH

Neal’s Team:
Project Consultant: Alan Hendy
Lead Designer: Connie Hampton
Project Manager: Kevin Dunn

About This Project:
The back of this two-story home overlooks a large back yard with straight views to the houses beyond. This extensive remodel required the improvement of the aesthetics of the back of the house. In addition, the client desired an update to the home for more flexibility of the space for visiting family and friends. Implementing aging-in-place solutions, particularly within the client’s daily routine areas, provided an underlying goal to all aspects of the project. Creating a seamless transition between original and new spaces, both in the interior floor plan and the exterior material installations, were a craftsmanship goal of the remodel. Attention to how the clients manage their daily lives, and to finishing details throughout the new space where also key goals with this project.

Local Contractor of the Year 2013 Winner, Entire House Remodel

Project Photos

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