From Idea to Completion


It starts with IDEAS.

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want in your new space, or you want us to help you figure that out, every remodeling project starts at the concept level and grows from there. When you begin, you’ll want to at least know the basics- what areas of the home you want to change, and what you’re hoping to achieve. As we move through the process, we’ll help your ideas grow and guide you as it moves from just a thought to something real.

It builds on TRUST

We understand that starting a remodel can feel like a big risk, and all the steps needed can be overwhelming for some. We've built our company on a foundation of Trust and Respect for you, your home, your budget, and your time. To us, you're not just another remodel. We're committed to providing to you an exceptional design and to producing the finest client experience.

Your Project Consultant

One of the first people you will be introduced to, and your guide through your entire project, is your Project Consultant. Our Project Consultants assess your ideas and budget, and discuss your hopes and needs with you. As you move through each phase of the process, your Consultant will be there to assist you, answer questions, address concerns, and to celebrate each milestone along the way. Think of your Consultant as the navigator with the map, always making sure you’re on track.

Your Lead Designer

Your Lead Designer will listen to your needs, wish list, goals, and hopes, and get a feel for your style preferences. They will then bring it all together into custom design options for your remodel. Our designers work with you through plan phases, going from up to 3 options to a polished finalized working plan that will be used for making selections, and ordering all the materials, cabinets, and pieces needed for the design to come to life. Your designer will respond to your feedback throughout the design and selection process to ensure that your finished remodel aligns with your goals and needs.

It evolves into TEAMWORK

group planning around a construction blueprint

What we do for you:

Estimating & Planning

In our 50 years in business, we’ve learned that the success of a remodel happens long before anyone picks up a hammer or paint brush. It happens in the planning. Our design-build process offers the ideal opportunity to align all the pieces, from your budget allowances for all the design selections you will make, down to the screws and lumber your job will require, all before our Production Team even begins working in your home. When the planning is right, the project follows, and our dedicated, full-time estimating and design support team makes it their priority to get these things right for you.

What You Do With Us:

Contract, Schedule & Selections

While we do the detailed planning for your project, there are of course things you will do as well. After providing your input on the initial design plans, we’ll sit down with you for a complete plan and contract presentation. This presentation is where we’ll share the polished working plan, a detailed scope of work, and go over your full contract agreement. 

Once you’ve accepted the contract, you’ll enter the Selections Phase. This is when you get to finally pick out the cabinets, counters, flooring, and other materials that will be used in your remodel and when your project idea will really begin becoming a reality as you start to see how the elements come together.

This is also when the schedule for your remodel begins to be set, including the estimated start date- the date our Production Team will begin working in your home. Click here to learn more about our project budgets and timelines.

Your Production Team

When the time comes for your remodel to go from a plan on paper to the real thing, you can trust in the skill, respect, and dependability of our construction team. We have spent years perfecting our Production crew’s organizational structure, and we invest in the area’s best carpentry, tile, and cabinetry installation talent. We’re proud of our team, and they’re proud of the work they do for you and your home. 

Your Lead Carpenter will manage the day-to-day activities at your home and your Project Manager will keep track of and monitor the crew schedule and work progress. Your production team will take the time each work day to keep the jobsite contained and the working areas as clean as possible before they leave for the day.

It results in EXCELLENCE

At the end of your project, it is our earnest hope that you’ll be equally satisfied with the look and quality of your remodeled space and with our performance as a team to bring your project idea to life. 

As a client of Neal’s, you become a part of our extended family, and long after your project is over, we are here for you. All work completed by Neal’s is covered under our 2-year warranty. If anything in your home is ever not working properly, even if it’s not an issue related to the areas of your home we remodeled, we’re here to help. We are happy to assist you with keeping your home a place you love.

We encourage you to share your experience with us every step of the way, good or bad. Your satisfaction with the work we do and the service you receive from us is our priority. After your project, you may be asked to fill out a satisfaction survey, share your experiences in writing, or review us online. We always respect your honest feedback and we consistently use these reviews to improve.