Meet Our Team


Neal’s Design Remodel is proud to have a talented and attentive Leadership Team. The team is made up of our Owners and Managers, and gives it’s primary attention to how Neal’s shows up for you, our clients, day-to-day and into the future.

Owner & CEO

Alan Hendy

Project Consultant & Owner

Mike Hendy

Sales/Operations Manager & Owner

Derek Gannaway

Production Manager

Jim Rebholz

Design & Office Manager

Amy Loichinger

Project Consultants

Our Project Consultants are committed to providing exceptional communication, efficiency, and quality. Starting with your initial, complimentary home consultation, through project completion, our team strives to create a thoroughly positive remodeling experience. Your consultant will guide you through the complicated process of home improvement and are your touchstone from start to finish. Their collective knowledge (nearly 160 combined years) has earned a reputation of excellence within the remodeling industry.

PROJECT Specialist & Owner Emeritas

Neal R. Hendy

Project Consultant

Frank Kuhlmeier

Project Consultant

Joel Hawkins

Project Consultant

Jimmy Hendy


Landen Stair


Joe Shockey

Design Team

Great projects start with a creative design that pays attention to the details and delivers both accurate and beautiful solutions for your home. Our design  team’s experience with floorplan and space planning ideas will provide both beautiful and functional Kitchens, Baths, Additions, Outdoor Spaces and Lower Levels for your home. Our clients appreciate the wonderful ideas and assistance with all selections required for their projects that reflect their tastes, style and budget.


Cyndi Kohler


Bob Voigt


Christina Temple


Laura Webster


Jodi Smith


Lauren Donges

Project Managers & Production Support

Our project managers will personally oversee your project and keep you informed regarding every detail from building specifications to weekly work schedules. They have over 80 years combined experience working with material ordering and production, and can quickly adapt to our client’s needs and expectations. Together with our project consultants, architects, and designers, they ensure that your project is produced exactly according to plan. They understand your specific family needs during the project and get the small details right to make sure your Neal’s experience is smooth.

Project Manager

Steven Chaney


Troy Sexton

Project Manager

Rod Swearingen


Bob Schmidt


Kevin Dunn


Ben Voigt

The Neal’s Field Production Team also includes: Ajax Alexander, Troy Angel, Travis Cooper, Jantsen Dunn, Joe Espelage, Keith Ferry, Zach Flint, Troy Girtman, Shaun Grant, Nathan Gregory, Rick Henry, Brad Johnson, Jeff Kelly, Eric Knauls, Carl Martini, Ken Murray, Jeff Newkirk, Clark Nichols, Tom Skidmore, Jim Stigler, Dawson Thompson, Delvin Weaver, Bryon Whitaker, Joe Williams, Joey Williams, Aaron Williams-Pier, Cody Wilson

Support Team

No successful operation exists without outstanding internal help. Our support staff focuses on assisting Neal’s with needs such as assisting other teams, supporting our events and Design Studio, and promoting Neal’s to our community. 


Janis Hurst


Lindsey Trumm


Mary Kay Hendy

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About Neal's Design Remodel

Neal’s Construction Company, Inc. began in 1972 by Neal & Joyce Hendy in the den of their family home in Cincinnati’s west side. Since then, it’s become a family business with a long legacy of top-notch remodeling design and carpentry work that’s been recognized at both the local and national levels. The greatest success at Neal’s Design Remodel has been our talented team who work together to plan and construct our clients’ home dreams into reality.  Solving home improvement living needs and delivering a superior result through quality service is our goal.  We never lose sight of the fact that our future in this industry depends on how we “wow” our customers today.

Our entire team is committed to our Core Values of Excellence, Teamwork, Respect, Trustworthiness, and Dependability. We strive to create a thoroughly positive remodeling experience for our clients.

Interested in more about our history? We’ve created a company history display at our campus in Sycamore Township. When you’re at the Showroom, just ask to see the timeline!