Gothic Traditional Kitchen

Gothic Traditional Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel in Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Project Details

Location: Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH

Neal’s Team:
Project Consultant: Neal R. Hendy
Lead Designer: Cyndi Kohler
Project Manager: Jim Rebholz

About This Project:
Gothic-revival design dominates in this 1925 home, but the kitchen space was lacking in similar character. The kitchen was awkwardly arranged and felt like it belonged with a different house. That section of the house was divided up into four individual rooms, the main kitchen, a narrow butler’s pantry, a mudroom, and a second pantry. The kitchen renovation sought to combine these four spaces into a new space that matched the scale and character of the rest of the first floor.

Local Contractor of the Year 2016 Winner, Residential Kitchen

Project Photos

After photos by Robin Victor Goetz

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