Fireplace Remodeling Cincinnati

Fireplace Design & Style

Adding or updating your fireplace can refresh a room. Wood, gas or electric fueled fireplaces are versatile in size and structure and can make a design statement.

Remodeling a Fireplace: Our fireplace projects are included in larger remodeling projects due to their typical scope. Please note that Neal’s Design Remodel does not offer fireplace only remodeling services.

Fireplace Design Inspiration

Benefits of a Fireplace Remodel

Fireplaces can be a great addition to any room for additional comfort and warmth. Fireplaces can also serve as the focal point of a room as well, with the many design ideas.

Start Your Fireplace Remodel

Call us today so we can get started making your fireplace remodel dream a reality. Let Neal’s help answer your questions, plan and review the many possibilities. Sign up for a free in-home consultation.

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